Connectivity is crucial for business success.  Across every sector, business success now rests on forging more effective links among buyers, sellers, and partners to unleash fresh ideas, insights and innovation.  

As a sales advisory firm, The Parkwood Group combines our network of experienced sales professionals with multiple target markets and strategic partnerships to help companies accelerate their sales growth efficiently and effectively.


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The power of connection.  By immersing ourselves in our target industries, we make the connections and leverage the resources necessary to complete successful transactions even in the most challenging environments, while maintaining a sharp focus on maximizing value for our clients.


The Parkwood Group concentrates our efforts on growth focused businesses and emerging market segments providing sales advisory services to accelerate profitable revenue growth.


We combine an extensive network of relationships with deep industry knowledge and seasoned transaction expertise providing high impact strategic and financial advice to senior management and boards of established and emerging technology leaders on matters crucial to their growth and success.


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Sales Advisory

Accelerating time to revenue.  We thrive on the need to not only “make the numbers”, but over achieve.  Our unique ability to see what others do not and connect disparate information and relationships creates novel insights that result in accelerated sales volume leading to an increase in company valuation based on proven, go-to-market fundamentals.