Connectivity is crucial for business success.  Across every sector, business success now rests on forging more effective links among buyers, sellers, and partners to unleash fresh ideas, insights and innovation.  

As an on demand operating partner, The Parkwood Group focuses on operational sales performance developing a repeatable process of creating value. Working with management teams and investors, The Parkwood Group defines strategic sales priorities and helps implement operational changes. The team also helps assess investment opportunities.


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 The Parkwood Group’s core mission is to create value for all stakeholders by identifying and delivering sustainable, operational sales performance. In support of this mission, The Parkwood Group value creation activities are focused on three fundamental areas:

  • Assessing sales improvement opportunities and risks during the due diligence process

  • Delivering meaningful and sustainable sales changes

  • Leveraging the scale and scope of it’s network to develop cross portfolio opportunities


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The Parkwood Group is involved with investor’s portfolio companies through the entire lifecycle.  The Parkwood Group works closely with investment teams during due diligence to identify sales value creation opportunities and then support boards and management teams to develop value creation plans.


The Parkwood Group targets improvements to drive top-line revenue growth and improve sales operational efficiency.   Additionally, The Parkwood Group creates  cross-portfolio programs to build strategic alliances and accelerate time to revenue.


The Parkwood Group is focused on delivering results, not recommendations.  With a “hands on, sleeves rolled up” approach, we drive value creation initiatives from strategy setting to front line implementation.  To build programs that deliver long term sustainable improvement, the Parkwood Group focuses extensively with management teams on capability building and skill transfer back into the company.