The Parkwood Group is involved with investor’s portfolio companies through the entire life cycle. The Parkwood Group works closely with investment teams to first, identify attractive investment opportunities, followed by, due diligence to identify sales value creation opportunities and then support boards and management teams to develop value creation plans.

Repeatable Process for Creating Value

The founding premise of The Parkwood Group is to leverage lessons learned from some of the fastest growing companies with best in class sales experience to support ambitious startups and their VC/PE investors

During the initial phases on an engagement, The Parkwood Group seeks to implement new sales strategies for value creation.  The team addresses major factors such as top-line growth, leverage and the development of sales metrics.

During the later stages, the team focuses on identifying challenges and helping grow the companies by taking advantage of business opportunities within its network.

The sole focus is delivering results.



  • Better deal flow due to a nationwide network of early stage companies

  • Assess portfolio strengths and weaknesses

  • Determine performance for follow on round

  • Receive independent opinion on marketplace, competition, growth prospects

  • Partner with your portfolio companies on go-to-market and sales initiatives

  • Faster time to market for your portfolio companies

  • Mitigate sales/growth problems quickly

  • Leverage network for creative strategic alliances

  • Validate your market and corresponding solutions offering

  • Know the competition

  • Leverage best practices

  • Reach Fortune 500/Global 2000 executives

  • Grow globally

  • Develop an understanding of deal dynamics

  • Remove friction from growth areas

  • Receive help with contract negotiations best practices