Sales Redefined

The founding premise of The Parkwood Group is to take the best of traditional sales and independent consulting to create a new sales advisory model.

From traditional sales we took the best practices, professionalism and sales training of the world's top technology sales teams - and left behind the distractions of internal politics.  From independent sales consultants, we took the benefits of years of experience in sales and multiple industries, commercial pragmatism, collaboration and flexibility - and left behind the unstructured and inconsistent world of conventional freelancing.

This enables us to focus on what really matters - delivering results.

Sales Advisory Services

The Parkwood Group provides dedicated sales advisory services to help innovative technology companies accelerate their sales efforts to achieve their growth metrics.  We drive results through best-in-class, proven methodologies and an established network of executive contacts across the Fortune 500, Federal agencies, distribution and channel partners.

Our strength comes from the deep relationships we maintain at the top management levels and our ability to communicate regularly with C-level management regarding their current challenges and upcoming technology initiatives

We work in partnership with our clients to drive the sales, marketing and business development process including key account identification, opportunity qualification, solution validation and all the small steps that lead to the finalization of revenue generating contracts.

Recognizing the growth needs of technology firms, The Parkwood Group is exceptionally successful at:

  • Launching pilot and sales programs to generate market validation and initial customers in a target industry including key reference accounts
  • Increasing market penetration by developing executive champions to facilitate effective long-term market development and execute growth strategies
  • Accelerating revenues through assistance with account management in complex sales to maximize market share and ensure sustainable revenue growth